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Jo Anne's


Jo Anne better known as "Mizz Jae" has always been a performer in the sense of acting, being in plays, modeling, dance groups, as a traveling choir member, and was even in the High School Band. With her friends she was often known as the really funny-silly friend who could mimic celebrity voices, accents and everyday sounds. She often wrote poems, short stories and her drawings were notorious for images of nature and loved ones.She has been in videos, an extras in movies, print work for hair and catalog magazines, and local runway shows.


She has written for publications embracing economic change. Always a businesswoman, however her passion as a creative vessel was always to enterprise on her creative talents. She has spoken at more than a handful of Public Speaking events for: Corporate events, Churches and Congressional based community rallies. As a community advocate for Veterans. As a Army War Veteran,  Jo Anne focuses on bringing awareness to Veteran issues of Homelessness, Mental disorders and Reintegration. In 2022 she attended Film School in San Francisco graduating in Multimedia Studies.With a list of completed film projects, now Jo Anne seeks to start filming her feature film, in 2023. Her concepts for Movies, TV Series, Reality, Anime and Talk Shows provide a showcase of her skills in Writing & Directing. Welcoming all new project opportunities to be a part of progressive film projects of others as well, she hopes to become the first Female-Veteran-Woman of Color-Filmmaker out of Richmond, Virginia.

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