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Investment Opportunity 

As a seasoned producer, I have a proven track record of successfully bringing compelling stories to life on the silver screen. Alongside an immensely talented crew, I have assembled a team of creative professionals, cinematographer, and a world-class cast, committed to delivering a truly remarkable film production.

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Based on a True Storyline

Written By:  Jo Anne Hall



Dorian Ricks, a functioning Pothead- Cognac drinking commitment phobe roommates with a long-time female friend, with whom he is secretly in love with, dreams of a life of better existence. He's guided by his Idol, a Pimp Named Kat Daddy. Upon a store run to Re-Up his livations, he is confronted by a Scientist who entices him, giving him a way out by consuming an off market DNA altering drug.


Plot Summary:

Mr. Ricks, a man in his Mis 30's  lives his day to day life, the same every single day. Like Many. He loves music" 90's hip Hop, ,Rock Funk, and some Blues.  He is a factory worker, who works hard and actually was able to  buy a home but thats as far s his aspirations has taken him, he wants so much more. He want sot be cooler, better looking, and to own a piece of the pie of the Nightlife he so much enjoys himself. He has allowed a woman he knows well to live with him who is also a dead end worker, to move in with him. At least she has the education and belief in something higher than herself plus she knows real love. 


Key Characters:


Dorian Ricks is the male lead. 2. Carmina "Mina" Townes is the female lead. Dr. Fredriq Kosiak is a Doctor of Alternative Sciences who has sought of Dorian for his test subject. 4. Ķat Daddy PIMP lives in Mr. Ricks head as an idol, sometimes in 3D.  Dorian is the Protagonist, Mina is the Antagonist and Kat Daddy is the Supporting Role, as Dr Kosiak is the progressive transporter to the drug enhancement catalyst.  Everybody wants to be their other self until they realize they shouldn't be somebody else....

Market potential

The film industry has always been a thriving domain, with global box office and streaming revenues consistently reaching new heights. "Altered" is poised to captivate audiences of diverse demographics, bridging gaps across cultures, and igniting conversations that resonate on a universal level. The potential for both critical acclaim and financial success is significant. "Altered" is not merely a passive viewing experience but an immersive journey that compels viewers to reflect on their own lives and the world around them. It blends elements of drama, mystery, and human connection in a way that creates an unforgettable experience. This distinctiveness sets our project apart from the crowd, attracting a loyal and engaged audience.

Profitable Ventures

Film investments have historically proven to be lucrative opportunities. With a strategic distribution plan and our team's expertise in marketing and promotion, we are confident in our ability to maximize exposure and generate substantial returns on your investment.

The journey starts here

I invite you to join me on this cinematic voyage, as we create a masterpiece that will touch the hearts of millions and stand the test of time. Your investment in "Altered" will not only be a wise financial decision but also a chance to be part of a captivating journey that leaves an indelible mark on the world of cinema.

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